Submission Guidelines:

Our blog contributors can be anyone involved or interested in Teaching and Learning in higher education: university staff, faculty members, students, or community members. Posts can be about anything related to teaching and learning in higher education. We want to hear your thoughts, opinions, insights, reflections, advice, etc. Examples include:

  • Reflections on a teaching strategy you tried (instructor’s perspective) or your learning experience (student’s perspective)
  • Thoughts on the use of technology by you or your students in the classroom
  • Advice on integrating experiential learning into your course
  • Unique methods to assess student learning
  • How teaching and learning spaces have influenced your experiences

Posts should be between 200 – 1200 words long and include hyperlinks and images. Your post should include a short bio and ideally, a photo of yourself. If you include images with your post, they should be a minimum of 800 pixels wide. Images can be searched for using Creative Commons Search; however, please follow the licensing agreement stipulated by the copyright holder.

Submit your post and images by email as a Word document.