Join us in “telling our stories and sharing our knowledge” (UWindsor Aspire Strategic Plan)!  The CTL invites instructors and students to submit blog posts focused on teaching and learning related topics or issues.  This can include:

  • Reflections on a teaching strategy (instructor’s perspective) or a learning experience (student’s perspective),
  • A contemplation of a positive or negative teaching or learning experience,
  • Advice on integrating experiential learning into a course,
  • Thoughts on the use of technology in the classroom,
  • Unique methods to assess student learning,
  • How teaching and learning spaces have influenced your experiences,
  • Teaching tips, an effective method that others should consider, or
  • Any other teaching and learning related topic that may be of interest to others.
Format and Length

Blog posts are typically between 250 – 500 words, and serve to advance a fresh concept, share recent news, spark discussion, or encourage debate. Blog posts can be presented using a variety of methods, such as the written word, audio recordings, or by video. If assistance is required for video or audio, contact us and we will see how we can assist.

An effective post will include unique analysis that prompts thoughtful reflection or kickstarts engaging conversations. Unlike formal academic papers, blog posts can adopt a more informal and conversational tone. Citations supporting evidence to the author’s claims should be listed, although citations are not necessary.

Submissions Details

Posts should include a short bio and a photo of the author(s). If an image is included with the post, it should be a minimum of 600 pixels wide. Images can be searched for using Creative Commons Search; please follow the licensing agreement stipulated by the copyright holder.

If you’re interested in submitting, contact

Note: The editors reserve the right to refuse to decline the publication of a piece. Considerations for the refusal will be communicated to the author.