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Promoting netiquette in online courses

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On November 24, 2020, the CTL offered a workshop on students and faculty having to adjust to a whole new set of rules and expectations for interacting in the classroom with the move to online. In the workshop, students shared their perspectives about how classroom disruptions affect the learning experience, along with strategies they have found to be helpful. Faculty added their ideas for creating positive learning spaces online. The goal of the workshop was for participants to engage with the facilitators to explore best practices for encouraging constructive dialogue, while minimizing and managing disruptive behaviour when it occurs.

This workshop was recorded and if you wish to watch it, please visit the CTL Streams Channel.

Note: You must have a UWin Id to watch the video. Anyone who is not affiliated with the University of Windsor cannot watch the workshop.

This workshop was facilitated by: Linden Crain, Phebe Lam, Emily Fraser, Jonathan Graniero, Teanna Kavanagh, Tina Pugliese, Afshin Rahimi, Dylan Smith, Sarah Woodruff.

Is video feedback effective? [Spoiler alert: You should try it!]

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